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The WPC Main Course outline


Aim of the course

1.A general introduction to photography and how some of the equipment works
2.A basic understanding on how to create good wildlife images.
3.Exploring opportunities in the wildlife Photographic arena.
4.Creating your own style.

Requirements: A DSLR and a computer


Module 1: (First release – Duration – 2 weeks)

1.Introduction to photography and equipment

a.Understanding photography…..history and evolvement.


a.Point and shoot Cameras
b.Bridge Cameras
c.Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLR)
d.Format size
e.FX vs. DX

3.Different support systems – Mono, Tri, Bean bag Plate Gimbal head etc.
4.Memory cards and Readers
5.Digital Photographic Terminology

a.Multiple lenses
b.One vs. two camera bodies – backup
c.Care of equipment
d.Cleaning equipment
e.Additional storage
f.Portable download – tablets and PC’s

Summary and Questionnaire

Module 2: (Second release – Duration 2 weeks, combined with Module 3)

1.Shooting modes, M, A, S, P
3.Shutter speed
5.Lens Types

a.Normal or Standard lenses
b.Wide Angle lenses
c.Telephoto lenses
d.Field of view and Focal length
f.Purchasing a new lens
g.Which is better, zoom lenses or fixed focal lenses?
h.Accessories for lenses

6.Exposure Compensation
7.Manual Shooting
8.Shooting Quality

Summary and Questionnaire

Module 3: (Second release – Duration 2 weeks, combined with Module 2)

Metering and Metering modes

a.Spot metering
b.Matrix metering
c.Center weighted metering

2.Light to shoot in
3.Kelvin and colours
4.White balance
5.Focus modes

a.Camera focus modes
b.DSLR focus modes
c.AF-Area modes
d.Image composition

Summary and Tasks

Module 4: (Third release – Duration 2 weeks)

Here’s where we delve into the Wildlife arena which, with the above knowledge we will give you an understanding of how to photograph
Wildlife (Game/Landscape) and Avian Photography
2.Choosing the right mode to shoot in when shooting wildlife

b.Shutter priority or Time value
c.Manual shooting mode
d.Metering in the field

3.Printing images

a.Stitching images

4.Tip Cards
5.Avian photography

Summary, Assignment and Questionnaire

Module 5: Editing (Fourth release – Duration 2 weeks)

WPC is not providing a full explanation on how to become an expert at post production but the aim is to provide you with enough information for you to master the skills required to be able to do basic editing. Although reference is made to Lightroom, there are many other editing software available on the market and you are welcome to use any type of editing software of your choice.

1.Importing your images to LR 4 Processing your images in LR 4


Module 6: Wildlife Photography (Fifth release - Duration 2 weeks)

Course Summary

1.Tips for the bush
2.Rules and guidelines in Wildlife Photography
3.Specialty courses
4.Wildlife Safaris
5.WPC Photographic instructors
7.Photo books

Final Assignment.

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